How to Make the Most Out of Would You Rather Questions

Playing the would you rather game is not the same as playing Uno the card game, but if you study the game from basic rules to domination tricks, you can play it just as any other game that largely depend on luck and feature firm and set rules. So where do you start with improving your game of would you rather questions? Right here and right now.

would you rather questions

As you know, Would You Rather is one of the most popular social game among teens and young adults. Although there are many different versions of the game and plenty of other similar games, the classic would you rather remains the same old gather-around game we’ve all fell for at some point in our lives. One of the reasons why we all prefer this game is its simple, small set of rules. Each player is asked a would you rather question and must answer it by choosing one of the two given options by the player who posed the question. When a question is asked, it must be answered only by choosing one of the two options. Answering with “both” or “neither” is not allowed. But here’s the tricky part. A smart player doesn’t give you a good and a bad option so you can easily opt out for the good one, but two equally good, equally bad or equally awkward answers to choose from.

As every coin has two sides, you must be well-prepared both in attack and defense. In other words, you need to prepare yourself a list of questions to ask and prepare yourself mentally to tell your friends some or all of your secrets (depending on their questions). Just as your aim is to reveal your friends’ hidden secrets and deepest truths, they may also try to embarrass you. This is what makes the game incredibly exciting. No matter how personal, intimate, awkward, embarrassing or serious the questions, unless you rule out some topics, all sorts of questions are allowed.

To start a game of would you rathers, you need at least 2 players and up to 6. Having more than 6 players can make the game slow and boring and quick pace is crucial for game’s dynamics. This game is often played to break the ice when meeting someone, but it is also often played by long-time friends who want to kill the boredom. But as of late, would you rather has earned reputation as a couples game, with many couples try to spice up their relationship via naughty and dirty would you rather questions. Not only do they get to know each other better and spice up their relationship, but couples can also find out if they’re perfect match for one another.

Unless you’re playing with your partner or your crush, it takes more than simply asking her would you rather kiss your bun or make you a hickey on your neck. To make the most out of the game of would you rather questions, you need to find the right attitude, adjust your game according to your friends and prepare the best would you rather questions you can in advance.

Find the Right Attitude

As with any other game, having the right attitude is important, if not crucial. Laughing hard on the revealed secrets of your friend is not a trait of a player with good attitude, because those players don’t laugh when their friends are feeling uncomfortable or bad. Asking too personal or rude would you rathers, mercilessly offending your friends with the perfect excuse of “It’s just a game”, not taking responsibility for your mistakes and not admitting them are he main characteristics of players with bad attitude. Get rid of any of these characteristics you might have and you’re qualified for the fair would you rather player of the year.

Adjust Your Game According to Your Friends

Although it sounds obvious, many neglect the importance of adjusting their game according to the friends they’re playing with and end up offending them and then apologizing. Before you gather to play would you rather, think about each of your friends who are about to play along. Consider their age, culture, religion, education, beliefs, etc. You can indeed ask any kind of question, but that doesn’t give you the license to ask questions that could make them feel bad. If you don’t adjust your game, you may not only hurt them and ruin the game, but also lose them as a friend. Once you analyze your opponents, proceed to the next step: preparing good and funny would you rather questions.

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

A good would you rather player is the one who starts the game with already prepared questions for each player. At first, would you rather may seem like an easy game that requires no preparation at all, but by now, you’ve probably realized that we believe that the secret to dominate the game lies in the preparation. Once you’ve fine tuned your attitude and analyzed your friends, it’s time to prepare a set of various would you rather questions. From easy game starters to difficult ones, try to be as diverse as possible. The more questions you prepare, the more self-confidence you’ll have. The more self-confidence you have, the more you’ll know about your friends.

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