What Makes Archery an Awesome Hobby?

The practice of using a bow to shoot arrows through the air is one of the oldest methods used for hunting and use in warfare. Many ancient civilizations such as the Japanese, Indians, Chinese, Koreans and Persians featured a large number of archers in their armies, because of their obvious advantage of being able to attack from large distances. With the start of using gunpowder and the development of weapons that use the explosive, bows lost their value in war. Firearms cause more damage and can shoot from greater distances. But archery never actually disappeared and it always found a new way to spark our interest, whether through myths and legends or movies and series.

Movies and TV shows like “Lord of The Rings”, “The Hobbit”, “Arrow”, “Avengers”, “Hunger Games”, “Brave”, “The Walking Dead” and the latest movie-treat for the archery fans starring Matt Damon, “The Great Wall”, are responsible for the rise of many archers-enthusiasts all over the world. Although many of the most exciting scenes of these movies and series are largely made with special effects, archery off-screen is just as thrilling as on-screen.

Ever since 1900, archery is an official Olympic sport. It is commonly described as sport for kids who don’t like classical sports, because unlike in most sports, the only competition is between the person who holds the bow and the target. This idea is appealing to kids, teens and even adults, especially to geeks at heart. Mastering the art of shooting arrows with a bow requires commitment, time, and, of course, some physical strength (sorry, geeks, pulling that string ain’t that easy). However, archery can be a very beneficial hobby for you.


Boost Your Focus

Shooting with a bow requires to tune off of all possible distractions and focus on hitting the bullseye only. With today’s people being obsessed with technology, it’s easy to miss out this important lesson – to slow down, think your actions and focus on the right thing at the right time. Focusing can help you improve your focus not only in archery, but in any other area of your life too. If you’re competing with others, you can also learn how to cope better with high-pressure situations.


Increase Your Physical Strength

If you have never tried archery, it may seem simple and easy to you. However, pulling the bow string backwards so that the arrow can hit the target requires some physical strength and engages several muscle groups: back, shoulder and arm muscles. Beginners start by shooting relatively near targets, while more experienced archers can shoot up to 500 meters. But no worries, shooting those close targets will increase your physical strength and your stamina, so you will quickly start increasing your range.


Improve Your Coordinating Skills

While some archery practices at the Summer Olympics require patience and focus only, others require coordinating skills too in order to execute a shot quickly. Place your feet, stand firm, nock your arrow, grip the bow lightly, pull the bow string and let it fly. Even though each of these steps is simple and happens in mere seconds, your shot depends on properly executing each and every one. Over practice, you’ll train your muscles and you’ll start shooting more instinctively rather than scholarly.


Encourage Healthy And Regular Practice

As in every sport, regular practice is the key to success in archery. And as with every sport, practicing archery is healthy for you. Not only does it work your whole upper body, but it also burns few calories more per hour than by walking. There’s a lot of drawing bows and moving between targets included in a single practice session and if you fall in love with your bow, you’ll have a new healthy, regular practice.


Provide Relaxation

Relaxation is perhaps the best benefit you can get from this awesome hobby. Although it requires laser-focus and some physical strength, archery is calming and promotes quick stress-relief. The sound of a flying arrow, striking a target and watching it fly is a really hard-to-explain feeling. You have to try it to know what I’m talking about.


Provide A Fun Family Activity

Since archery is an appealing sport for people of all ages, it makes a great family activity you can all enjoy. Whether you’re the kid or the parent in your family, invite them all to your nearest shooting area this weekend and try it out. Who knows, maybe this will grow into your new tradition.

Archery may not necessarily be your thing, but it surely is an awesome hobby that all of us who are amazed by movies with bows and arrows have to try. This sport is all about discipline, focus, precision and consistency rather than team work, scoring goals and winning championships, which is why you can call it a geeky sport.


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