Fun Games to Play Over Text With Your Crush

We all get shivers up our spines when we recall the games that made our childhood worth to remember. Those moments, those games will stay in our minds forever and they will never fail to evoke warm memories and big smiles on our faces.

We are kids whose childhood passed playing games on the road. We did not know about smartphones, computers and other technologies, while today’s kids know nothing about playing games on the road with the other kids from the neighborhood. Their only idea of playing games is with a smartphone in their hand.

games to play over text
Games to play over text

Sadly, kids are not the only ones who are affected. Today, teens and adults also spend a lot of time with their eyes locked up on their smartphones, whether by chatting with their friends and relatives, scrolling on Facebook, setting up a meeting or playing fun games over text.

Fun Texting Games to Play With a Girl or Guy

The idea of playing texting games may sound childish, but I think that they can be really fun when played with the right people. They can easily become your favorite way of wasting time. Want us to put money where our mouth is? Here is a list of our favorite fun texting games to play with a girl or a guy that will turn you into a texting-games-addict.

Lyrics from favorite song

This game is perfect for those who cannot live without music. It is (obviously) not preferable for those who don’t like music, simply because they won’t be entertained. You can play this game whenever and wherever you’re bored and have nothing to do. Here’s how to play it:

1. Choose a few lines from some song’s lyrics;

2. Send those lines to some friend or girl/boy;

3. When the person receives your message, he\she has to guess the name of the song of which the lyrics are.

For maximized fun-factor, think of a friend who really loves music. You can also play this game with a friend who is a movie or book lover in the same way, but instead of lyrics, you can quote lines from your favorite movie or book.

Guess where am I?

This game might seem like a childish game to you, but you are wrong. It’s a perfect game to play with your friend or with your girlfriend or boyfriend when bored. Describe them your surrounding over an SMS and ask them to guess where are you at the moment. Keep in mind that they could be unfamiliar with the place you’re describing and you will need to give them thorough description, but instead of easy and simple, use complicated and difficult words. If it still difficult to correct the locations, then you can help them by giving them the first letters of the name of the place.

Never Have I Ever

All the players sit side by side, arranged in a circle. The first player needs to say one short simple statement and has to start with the words: “Never have I ever”. Everyone who has done the same action as the first player, must drink. These sort of questions and the answers could reveal many of your friends’ secrets.

This popular game can also be played via text messages between two people. Players need to write statements about what they have never done before. For each statement, which is the opposite of her/his experiences, the opposite side loses one point. All rules are applied on how the opposite side will lose a point.

Kiss, Marry, Kill

This game is more often played on the social networks. Even though you can also play this game online using your smartphone, it’s much more fun to play it over text messages. Select 3 of your friends. Send a message to every one of them and ask them who’s the one they want to kiss, who’s the one they want to marry and who’s the one person they want to murder (not literally though, for example, that professor in high school who used to give you a lot of homework). You can use names of people and names of celebrities that everyone of you knows.

Emoji Talking

To play this game, both of you need to have an emoji keyboard installed on your smartphone. Download one if you don’t have and you’re ready to chase the boredom away. It’s a lovely and flirty game to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are a lot of emojis. Try to choose the right ones, put them together in a way that could make a sense and you’ll quickly realize that emojis can speak louder than words. Of course, you need to be extra-creative to make this game funny.

Truth or Dare

Of course the most popular way to play this game is in person, but you can also play it via messages. It offers its own cons and pros. For example, when you choose to do a dare instead of a truth and do it, you’ll need to take a photo as a proof.

If you choose a “truth”, you really need to be willing to answer the question truthfully. But in the moment when you choose a dare, then you should use the camera from your smartphone and capture your dare for evidence. To play “Truth or Dare”, both of you should be ready to share truths with each other. However, make sure you avoid too offensive and rude questions, because you might hurt his/her feelings.

Guess the Abbreviation

The last, but not the least favorite game from our list of games to play over text is “Guess the abbreviation”. Sometimes it is difficult to guess abbreviations, but it’s an utterly entertaining way to kill the boredom. At first glance, it will be surely a confusing message to your opponent, who doesn’t know that there is a hidden message for her/him behind those letters. Send a text message ILTTMAB to your girlfriend/boyfriend and let him/her guess what you actually wrote to her/him. (ILTTMAB – I Love You To The Moon And Back.)

The texting game is one of the most popular ways of communication these days. I’m convinced that if you try any of these game, you’ll have a whale of a time and spread the word with your friends later. However, you need to be sure that you are subscribed to use an unlimited SMS package and you can play without any worries about SMS charges.

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