Funny Prank Call Ideas for Teenagers

If you were born somewhere in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you are probably familiar with the concept of funny prank calls. Back in those days, bored high school and college students looked to get their happy hormones levels up by making a mischievous phone call and tricking their friends or complete strangers. Call receivers of prank calls may experience embarrassment, awkwardness, discomfort, anger and confusion, which is exactly what’s amusing to the pranksters.

Although the idea of making a prank call to lift your spirits at the expense of making someone angry or confused may seem narcissistic, good, clean and funny prank calls should not be taken seriously. A well executed prank call depends on three factors. First, you need to choose the right person to be your victim, someone who is not quick-tempered or have a heart condition. Second, your timing needs to be perfect, as it can make your prank more believable. And third, you need to have the right prank call ideas. This is the area where we can help!


Prank Call Ideas That Are Ridiculously Funny

If you have a victim in mind, know how to make different prank call voices, but you ran out of witty and funny prank call ideas, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to prank your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend or a complete stranger, we have some tried and tested pranks for you that can blow anyone’s top, including somebody with nerves of steel. Don’t be lame and repeat the same old pranks that once worked for you. Get inspired from our unique ideas instead and up your game.


“What? I won an iPhone 7?”

This is one of the best prank calls ever and it can be used to prank anyone. To execute this prank, first you need to change your number in your victim’s phone book to their mobile operator’s name. Then, send her\him a formal message that in a contest, her\his number has been drawn as a winner of an iPhone 7. Although it might seem suspicious at first, they’re very likely to take your bait and go to the nearest store asking for their reward. Of course, they also may check the number and realize you’ve tried to trick them, but a part of them will either way feel an adrenaline rush for a moment.


“You called me?”

If you’re capable of keeping your cool and staying calm, you’re qualified to do this classic prank call. With a deadly serious tone of voice, call a random number or a friend you want to annoy and pretend that you’re returning their call. Since you don’t know who called you, ask for their name and reason why they called you earlier. Your victim may quickly decide to hang up on you, but they also may stay on line until they prove to you that they didn’t call you first. It is that sort of a prank call that you never know how long it will last or how will it go.


“I know we don’t know each other, but doesn’t it bother you that we still don’t know anything before the Big Bang?”

If your only prank call’s goal is to bother a person you don’t know, then you can start a conversation on a serious and nerdy matter, like why don’t we know already what happens after death. How was Earth created, is there an after-life, do ghosts really exist, will there ever be life on Mars or is veganism the ultimate solution for every condition we know; there are a lot of topics you can discuss. If your victim turns out to be interested in the topic, your prank will fail as you end up talking about it.


“Is Mr Wall There?”

Although it may seem similar to many others funny prank calls, this one features a priceless punch line that can make anyone laugh. Call your victim and ask for Mister Wall. Except you nail the needle in the hay, their answer will be no. Then, ask for Mrs Wall and then for Richard Wall. In the end, ask if there is any Wall and when they say “Sorry, there are no walls here”, deliver the punch line – “So what’s holding up your house?!”


“Where’s my pizza?”

Since there are plenty of pizza places everywhere, you can call any place and prank them . To do this prank call, you will need to be describing your pizza for minutes until they get angry or annoyed. Mushrooms, cheese, no salami, sesame on top, but not too much, no oregano, no bacon and so on. Once they lose nerve and are about to hang up on you, instead of ordering your pizza, ask where is it as if you have already ordered it and you’re still waiting. They will surely go through each and every order they received over the last hour, while you are trying not to burst in laughter with your friends.


“We’ve Found a Match for You”

If you want to prank a friend of yours, this prank might work like a charm. Call your friend and use a serious tone of voice to tell them that he\she has been matched up with a single person from his\her area. He\she will probably say that they haven’t signed up for any matching site, but here comes the awesome part. You tell them that your agency doesn’t work on the concept of signing up, but you conduct surveys of all singles in your area and offer your assistance. Unless his\her job is a detective, they will take your bait and ask for more information about their match.


“It’s a done deal. Buried near the graveyard, without a trace.”

Our last prank call idea is really serious and is not meant for light-hearted people. Successfully executing this morbid and creepy prank can scare anyone, including the most courageous people. Use a whispering and a bit trembling voice, as if you’re scared to not get caught for what you did. Use a line like “Boss, what you believed is the last obstacle is now resting underground. I’ve done it myself and left no evidence, just as you asked. Now it’s your turn to honor your part of the deal.”

I hope your victim is not easy to get scared, because some of these funny prank calls may give a heart attack. Therefore, be careful what you’re doing. All you want to do with a prank call is kill time, not people.


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