5 Reasons to Use Humor at Work

Being one of the first communications methods we used, humor is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Humor can be included in a plenty of tasteful ways at your workplace too, so your monthly earnings should not be the only laughing matter about your work any longer. Although the type and level of humor you might use on the job depends on your company ethics, humor at work is widely considered to be a key to employees’ sanctification and improved company’s productivity and success.

We all know that humor is an essential element in creative work, but it can be successfully implemented in all sorts of workplaces. Feeling free to crack a joke with your coworkers and have a good laugh can surely make the daily job easier and more enjoyable, which of course can result in improved success. Laughing works like a medication for stress and anxiety too and allows you to be your best self during your shift. If you don’t think so, here are 5 reasons to convince you why using humor at work is a win-win both for the employer and the employees.

Humor Boosts Creativity

Humor is an ideal way to create an amazing atmosphere where all people feel comfortable to express their own theories, unique suggestions and brilliant ideas. Laughing and having fun while working leaves no room for any negative feelings, such as fear of making a mistake or being judged, anxiety and stress. Free from all those creativity-killers makes you more likely to come up with more creative ideas.

Humor Builds Strong Teams

Approaching someone who has a good sense of humor and you have shared a laugh is much easier rather than approaching someone who doesn’t. We all feel more confident and relaxed around positive people and we’re more likely to develop a strong working relationship with such. When a workplace is full of people who are confident around each other, the work becomes more fun, easier, less stressful and, of course, more productive. The key to building strong teams is to use humor at work to break down any barriers between each other, ignore your differences, find your similarities and work as one.

Humor Creates A Positive Atmosphere

Colleagues who share jokes on a daily basis are much happier and more productive than others. A team is very likely to succeed when all team members are comfortable enough to laugh on anyone’s account in each other’s presence. A positive team leader with a sense of humor further increases the teamwork and productivity at the workplace.

Humor Diffuses Tension Between Coworkers And Clients

Nobody likes being in an intense situation with a coworker or a client where, after something inappropriate was told, there is nothing to say. You know what is the only thing that can save you from that kind of situation? Humor. A short one-liner can make you forget how awkward it was in a matter of seconds. By laughing, you’ll help your muscles relax and boost your circulation, so you can remain calm during the interview with a client or a normal conversation with a coworker.

Humor at Work Makes People Happy To Do Their Job

Admit it, if you don’t like being at your work, you’re not doing a great job. By now, you have probably realized that mundane and depressing atmosphere makes us not only miserable, but not as productive as we’re supposed to be. A positive and happy atmosphere with funny jokes told from time to time is definitely a big boost to our productivity, because that way, we feel good being there. More like, we love it! Simpler put, the happier the employees, the more productive.


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