Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water to Lose Weight

Want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start? Drinking more water could be one of the simplest but most overlooked ways to lose weight and reach your weight loss goal.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial for good health and your overall wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown that overweight and obesity increase the risk of numerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Achieving and maintaining a normal body weight may help you and your loved ones stay healthier as you grow older. If you’re not sure if you need to lose weight, knowing your BMI (body mass index) can help you figure out whether you are the right weight for your height.

When it comes to losing weight, everyone wants to lose weight quickly and easily. There are so many diets out there that promise instant results, but while they might work in the short-term, often they are too difficult to stick to and the weight then quickly comes back on.

Why Should You Drink More Water?

Water is undoubtedly the healthiest beverage you can drink. However, in spite of its numerous health benefits, over 80% of people in the world don’t drink their daily recommended number of glasses of water. Doctors recommend a minimum of eight glasses of water per day, but in reality, most people need to drink even more water. And when it comes to losing weight, the more water you drink – the better. A recent study has shown that obese dieters who consumed 470ml of water before each meal lost more kilograms than those who did not consume any extra water.
In addition to helping with weight loss, drinking enough water also maintains the body’s fluid balance, which regulates body temperature, improves digestion, and helps transport nutrients to the body. Drinking water also boosts your productivity, fights fatigue, boosts your immune system, and leads to flawless skin.


Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water That’ll Surprise You

Many people like to start their day with a warm cup of coffee or tea and when it comes to water, they usually prefer to drink cold water. However, even though warm water is not so tasty as coffee or tea, regular consumption of hot water provides a large number of health benefits, including pain relief, improving blood circulation, digestion, and weight loss.
Here are some of the biggest health benefits of drinking warm water:


Great Post-Workout Drink

Drinking warm water instead of energy drink after an intense workout is a great way to replenish the vitamins and minerals in your body, re-hydrate yourself and kick start your metabolic process. Warm water continues the calorie burning process after a workout and speeds up the weight loss process.


Detoxifies Your Body

Drinking warm water is an effective way to detox your body. Water flushes out all the harmful toxins that are trapped in your body through your sweat and urine. Add a squeeze of lemon juice or honey to your cup of hot water for better results.


Aids in Digestion

Drinking warm water during your meals helps in the digestion of the food you’re eating. Warm water speeds up the breakdown process, improves digestion, and helps keep your electrolytes and minerals in balance. Drinking hot water on an empty stomach will also improve your bowel movements and prevent constipation.


Prevents Premature Aging

Premature aging can be largely prevented by drinking warm water every day. Warm water cleanses your body of the toxins and increases your skin’s elasticity. It also increases its ability to repair skin cells and thereby reduces all the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, dark patches, and dry skin.


Alleviates Pain

Warm water is one of mother nature’s most powerful remedies. Warm water alleviates pain and soothes your muscles by increasing blood flow. The heat from hot water has a calming effect on your abdominal muscles, which can provide immediate pain relief for any type of cramps or muscle spasms.


Induces Sleep

Drinking hot water before sleep or during your meals can improve digestion, prevent midnight cravings, and help your body relax. Warm water soothes your nerves, which can help you get a good night sleep and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.


Improves Blood Circulation

When you drink warm water, toxins and fat deposits which are circulating in the blood are eliminated from your system. Warm water improves blood circulation in your body and lowers your risk of numerous health complications due to the presence of harmful substances in your blood.


Helps in Weight Loss

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of warm water is that it helps in the weight loss process. Because it is a zero calorie beverage, warm water will help prevent hunger pangs and will satiate your senses. If you’re on a diet and you want to lose weight, you’ve probably heard that drinking warm water in the morning can help you shed the excess pounds.

Warm water increases your body temperature, which in turn increases the metabolic rate. This allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day and helps the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract to function even better.

Cold water is absorbed faster than warm water, so drinking a cup of hot water can help you feel fuller a bit longer. This can be very helpful, especially when you’re trying to avoid snacking between meals.

Drinking warm water and making it an everyday habit, is a good strategy in any weight-loss plan. However, this strategy is useful only if you can maintain it on a long-term basis.
Keep in mind that drinking straight hot water can be harmful to the tissue in your mouth and esophagus, so after boiling water, let it cool for a few minutes before your start drinking. A squeeze of fresh lemon will make your glass of hot water a little more refreshing and delicious.


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