Going Vegan: 6 Reasons Veganism is Awesome for You

Veganism is a way of living that eliminates all animals foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, and honey; animal derived products such as leather, wool, fur, silk; and products tested on animals. It is a lifestyle that aims to exclude all forms of abuse and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Plant-based diets are becoming more popular and veganism is surely taking over the world. More and more people are shunning meat, eggs, and dairy for health, ethical, economic and environmental reasons. Thanks to the millions of studies that proved the healthy benefits of veganism, going vegan has never been easier and more appealing to people, which is why an increasing number of people are dropping animal products and choose to be vegan. There are countless reasons to go vegan, but here are our top 6 reasons why veganism is simply awesome!

It’s the best way to help animals

There’s no better way to help animals and prevent their pain and suffering than by going vegan. All animals are beautiful creatures with unique personalities and emotions and all animals want to live. Animals feel joy, affection, fear and pain too, just as us, the humans, and they form deep emotional bonds. However, in many industrial farms, they are kept in cramped conditions and will never be able to raise families or do anything else that is natural to them. Also, meat, dairy products, and eggs are produced in a cruel manner. According to a study, each vegan saves the lives of more than a hundred animals a year, so avoiding animal products is one of the best ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation.

Eating meat is completely unnecessary

It has been scientifically proven that eating meat is not only cruel, but absolutely unnecessary as well. You don’t need to consume animal products because a well-balanced vegan diet can provide all the essential nutrients you need to thrive. There’s no proof that a person must eat meat to be healthy, and according to experts, too much animal protein is harmful to your health. Studies have shown that vegan diet is suitable for people of any age since plant foods have numerous health benefits. Being vegan is healthier than any other diet, because it helps you lose weight, makes you immune to any kind of heart disease, reduces high blood pressure, diabetes, and reduces your chance of many types of cancer. This means that a vegan diet will also help you will live longer.

Animal agriculture is destroying the environment

One of the best things to help the environment and save our planet is to simply stop eating animal flesh. Consuming meat is the worst thing you can do for the planet because it is wasteful and causes immense amounts of pollution. Meat production is the biggest cause of climate change, soil erosion, water depletion and so many other environmental problems. Eating grains and vegetables directly uses far less water and land, which is why a global shift towards a vegan diet is crucial to saving the world from all the negative effects of climate change.

You’ll help end world hunger

According to PETA, eating meat hurts animals, but it hurts people, too. It takes up to thirteen pounds of grain to produce just one pound of meat and all of these food crops could be used much more efficiently if they were fed directly to humans. On the other hand, a plant-based diet requires only one-third of the land that is needed to support a diary or meat diet. Feeding half the world’s edible grain crop to farmed animals is not only inefficient, but it is also wasteful. Avoiding animal products is one of the simplest ways you can reduce the strain on food and take a stand against inefficient food production systems which affect the poorest people around the world.

You’ll save money

A vegan diet that mainly consists of grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and legumes, can be extremely economical. All of these foods are cheaper than meat or cheese and can be purchased in bulk. According to a research, those who skip animal products can save at least $750 more than meat-eaters per year. Vegetables and fruits are a lot cheaper than meat and they can be preserved. If you freeze your veggies at the peak of the season you will have fresh flavors throughout the entire year. Also, you will save money on medical costs because a vegan diet is healthier and reduces your chances of a heart disease.

Vegan food is delicious

As veganism becomes more mainstream, companies around the world are coming out with more vegan foods which are delicious and healthier. Many pizzerias today are also offering vegan cheese pizzas and there are tofu burgers that taste like the real stuff. What if you can’t find vegan restaurants in your town? No worries, there are many vegan blogs and wonderful recipes on the web, so you can try cooking yourself. Eating a plant-based diet that eliminates animal products of any kind can also be incredibly satisfying and tasty.

Being vegan is not just a diet – it is more of a lifestyle choice and a philosophy. Keep in mind that every time you shop or order food in a restaurant and every time you eat – you can choose to help animals. Every time you make the switch from animal products to vegan products you are standing up for farmed animals around the world.

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