Fun Hobbies That Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

Modern beliefs regarding healthy living have made millions of young people from all over the world believe that getting fit is only possible by committing to a life of eating tasteless broccoli (which, by the way, is not true because broccoli is awesome) and spending a large amount of the day in the gym and sweating like a pig. Of course, this is not a lifestyle any of us desire, except for professional body-builders. What many people are not aware of is that there are plenty of other ways to get or stay fit and healthy, with plenty being the keyword!

If the very thought of going to the gym makes you feel uncomfortable, as it does to me, it’s very simple – don’t go to the gym! Be it lifting weights or running on a treadmill, you can do everything you do in a gym almost everywhere else too. The added benefit of doing something you truly enjoy is having fun along the way. Once you find a hobby that benefits both your health and your physical appearance, you’ll realize that keeping your body in great shape is not necessarily painful and boring as many assume.

Fun Hobbies To Keep You Fit And Healthy

stay fit and healthy

Time to discover a fun hobby to relieve your mind, get that body moving and get healthier than ever. If you don’t have an idea what could that hobby be, don’t worry, we got you a list of 8 great hobbies that help you stay fit and healthy.

Utility Cycling

Since it is my favorite hobby and one of the most efficient losing-weight activities, cycling comes as hobby No. 1 on our list. You probably noticed it’s listed as utility biking, not biking. If you’re not familiar with the term, utility cycling refers to when cycling is done as a means of transportation rather than recreation. All you have to have for this hobby is bike and the will to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Whether going to school, work or shopping, get on your bike and save yourself some time and cash, while giving your heart a good beat. Wait a second, this hobby saves you both time and cash and helps you stay fit and healthy? Does it get any better than this? I think not.

Running or Jogging

Although the terms running and jogging are often used interchangeably, they have an impossible-to-overlook difference in terms of intensity. Whether you get a kick out of a long and highly intensive run or a slow and casual jog, both types are great for all who want to burn extra calories, breath some fresh air and boost their health. In a long term, these physical activities can greatly increase your endurance and help you lose weight. Grab your earphones to keep you company and start running. Or jogging. It’s one of those hobbies one can never get bored of.


Hiking is an awesome way to relieve stress, clear your mind, give your lungs some fresh air and activate all of your muscles on the body. It could be the only physical activity with such a combination of benefits for you. A long and vigorous walk, usually in a place where not many people have been, accompanied by the green spirit of nature, what’s not to like? As an added bonus to all these benefits and joys of hiking, you can lose large amounts of weight too. In terms of calories-per-hour ratio, hiking burns more calories than jogging. Since hiking involves walking on uphills, extra calories are under a serious threat. However, hiking is not all about losing weight. There is so much to love about it.


*If you don’t have a backyard, you might wanna skip this one. There are 7 other fun hobbies that help you stay fit and healthy.

Before you go “Naah, this ain’t for me”, let me tell you this. Gardening is the only hobby on this list that is actually healthy and practical. You may think gardening is not a hobby but one of the most tedious chores, but you’re wrong. Instead of hiring a gardener to take care of your garden, this month, be the gardener yourself. You don’t need a green thumb or all sorts of shovels and forks to keep all things neat. You just need a sunny day, both of your hands and a will to do some gardening activities, such as digging, watering and planting. Tending your garden is not only effective use of time, but a great way to stretch your muscles as well. Also, if you plant something, you will be growing your own food for free. How cool is that?


Swimming is not only a hobby you can pick up just to get fit, but also a popular professional sport that earns the best ones to make millions. An average 155-pound person swimming freestyle for an hour could burn up to 700 calories if swimming fast and about 500 if slow. Since it is a high-intensity sport and, obviously, takes place on water, which frightens millions of people from all over the world, swimming is not as desirable hobby as other, less dangerous and less intensive hobbies. Nevertheless, it is a great hobby that can help you get fit by visiting the pool only twice a week.

Weekend Sport

Sports fanatic? Then it’s time to make the most out of your passion for your favorite sport. Instead of sitting home and watching sports all weekend long, grab your friends and play! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played a single game of basketball your whole life. It doesn’t even matter if you suck at it for real. What does matter is to get moving and have lots of fun. Tennis, golf, football, bowling or basketball, choose a sport that involves more people and sport you truly enjoy watching or playing.


Dancing is the ideal body reaction to listening to music. However, not all of us react upon that urge that arises when hearing beats, like Carlton from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” does. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you might wanna give dancing a try though. The whole point of dancing is to simply let the rhythm move your body and not care about how others see you. Nobody gives a damn about your dance moves, unless you’re exceeding all weird-dancing-levels. Dancing is a serious whole-body workout and can burn a lot of calories. It is also fun and can improve your social life. So c’mon and show me the moves of Jagger!

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