Are Wearable Heart Rate Monitors Really Worth Your Money?

Wearable heart rate monitors that count calories, steps, heartbeats and a lot more are all the rage among gym enthusiasts, runners, swimmers and rock climbers as they allow them to keep track of their heart rate. These little technological gadgets provide immediate feedback on how fast your heart is going, or how hard are you working out, feedback which you can use to make adjustments accordingly for enhanced efficiency. People are loving them and spending big on them, but are they really worth your money?

wearable heart rate monitors

They Are Designed to Help You Develop Healthy Habits

As a Garmin representative replied to a CNBC Sports Business Reporter, Eric Chemi, wearable heart rate monitors are designed to only “help people develop healthy habits and motivate them to beat yesterday”. A Fitbit representative also provided a real gem of a reply, saying that their devices can help users reach their health and fitness goals, and are not intended to be used as scientific or medical devices. If the makers of these gadgets don’t back up the accuracy of their products, how can you trust them? Sure, they can be of great motivation and help you develop healthy habits, but it is an expensive daily memo for your fitness goals.

They Might Be Inaccurate

According to researchers at California State Polytechnic University, heart rate monitors by Fitbit are showing inaccurate heart rate. They tested the heart rates of 43 healthy adults by letting them use Fitbit monitors, then performed an electrocardiogram (ECG) to compare the heart beats. It was later discovered that Fitbit devices miscalculates heart rate by up to 20 beats per minute during average and highly intensive workouts. Working out at a wrong heart rate can be incredibly dangerous, particularly for people at high risk of heart condition. So if you wanted to get this gadget especially for your heart rate, think again.

Bottom Line

Wearable heart rate monitors may not be the most accurate devices for your heart rate, but they can play a significant role in your daily motivation for training. There is a lot of research out there on these gadgets, however, anything you think can help you make positive health changes in your lifestyle is worth your money.

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